Our Founder


Linus Gorpe: Founder, The Raw Chocolate Company

Linus Gorpe

Chocolate wizard, Linus, set out on a mission to make chocolate better in 2006. Better for us, better for the growers, better for the environment and better for children. He has a passion for Tantra, snowboarding, chocolate, raw food, machines that do great things, fixing stuff, inventing things, chocolate, relaxing in the sun and chocolate.

Linus is ably supported by a growing team of experts who work very hard! We also have our ever expanding flock of fans, actively helping us grow and fly further, to great new heights.

A glimpse of Linus’ journey in his own words:

“As a child, I had the privilege to be educated in a Rudolf Steiner School in Sweden and in the UK. When I graduated I knew I could achieve anything I ever wanted.

“Many years ago I started on my journey through raw foods which changed my life completely. My new found friends and I met up every other week having ‘raw pot lucks’ where we all brought a raw dish to share. What a lovely way to meet friends and eat delicious food!

“I learned more and more about the magic of chocolate, raw foods and well being. I was helped by many people along the way. I started experimenting, inventing wonderful cocoa creations and sometimes the machines to make them.

“But my journey was not just about health and nutrition, not just about the physical. My growth and maturing have brought me to embrace love, care, well being and peace. Five years ago some of us discovered Tantra and started going to workshops. Now I have another bunch of super nice friends where real honest communication happens. No secrets! We share our lives with each other, what a relief. I no longer have to pretend to be someone I am not.

“Many people think Tantra is all about sex but by golly gosh, no it is not!! What I am learning is to listen to my body and feel feelings. Instead of reacting from a place of fear I try to really check what is going on for me on the inside. I am learning to undo many of my old patterns that do not serve me and to create a new reality as I myself want it! I am learning to love every moment for what it is and not to cling on to a dream or illusion. I am also learning that I, as a man, can be more masculine with a strong sense of direction without my ego needing to rule the world”