TeenVGN is a social network for vegans and vegetarians aged between 12 & 19. It’s a non-profit organisation run by Laura and Kylie who have a mission to offer a safe and secure network for young vegans and vegetarians. TeenVGN is more than just a social network though, it offers its members the opportunity to fundraise, volunteer at vegan festivals and events, share recipes and even take part in summer camps. All this fantastic work has caught the eye of many vegan companies – including The Raw Chocolate Company – and it has led TeenVGN to winning the Best Vegan Blogger award at the 2014 VegFestUk Awards in London.

After the award ceremony The Raw Chocolate Company caught up with TeenVGNs founders Laura and Kylie to find out a bit more about them and get their thoughts on TeenVGN’s continuing success.

Q. You’ve just won Best Vegan Blogger at VegFestUK and beat off some strong competition, how do you feel about winning?

We can’t quite believe it! We are so flattered! We were up against some amazing, experienced bloggers. We’re just so grateful to everyone who voted for us and supported us! What a year we’ve had!

Q. TeenVGN is going from strength to strength; as you run the organisation voluntarily and take part in campaigns and festivals, how do you find time to fit everything in?

To be honest sometimes we do wonder how we fit everything in. We basically just spend every spare second we get on TeenVGN. Whether it’s tweeting to our followers, updating the site or replying to an email – it’s all so worthwhile when we hear from the young people’s lives we’ve changed or made easier!

Q. Jared Leto and Ellen Page were voted the ‘sexiest vegans’ for 2014. Are there any celebrity vegans or cruelty-free activists that you look up to?

We just admire every person who is doing something with their lives to make the world a kinder place for the animals! There are amazing people running animal sanctuaries, inspiring people starting up their own vegan businesses and those just dedicating their time to getting the word out there and showing how easy it is to be vegan these days. We look up to them!

Q. You’ve both mentioned on the TeenVGN blog that you like to travel, which is your favourite country or place that you’ve visited and why?

K. That is such a difficult question! I have to say the USA though because there are so many states that are so different and amazing!

L. That IS tough! Probably USA too, I lived in North Carolina for a short while (before I was vegan) and it was beautiful. But since I’ve been vegan, I have to say Amsterdam, there were some really great places to eat there. I’d love to visit India though.

Q. We love your TeenVGN recipes, but what’s your favourite ever dish and why?

K. Again, a tough question especially when it comes to food! One of my favourite ever dishes is my mums homemade Guacamole! Love avocado and this dish is just to die for!

L. I like plain, bland kinds of food. I have Crohn’s Disease so there are a lot of things I can’t eat. But I can always be in the mood for a simple Spag Bol, with some chunky mushrooms and Gluten Free pasta. It’s so easy to be vegan!

Q….and more importantly, what’s your favourite Raw Chocolate Company product?

K. Raw Choc Raisins for sure!

L. I love the Goji Berries that we recently had the pleasure of tasting! Yum!

Q. What’s next for TeenVGN? More awards? Global domination?

Haha, maybe! Well, we have the Christmas Issue of our mini-mag out on Dec 1st and then 2015 is set to be the biggest year for us yet! We’re having a Teen Zone at Vegfest Brighton that will be an open house for the entire weekend. With free vegan food, eco crafts, campaigns, films, cookery demos and more! Then, in August 2015 we are hosting the UK’s first ever vegan Summer Camp for 11-16yr olds. Campers can now register their interest here: www.teenvgn.com/camp

For more information on how you can be part of TeenVGN or become a volunteer visit www.teenvgn.com