Why we do it

 Linus Gorpe Vegan ChocolateThe principles and beliefs that guide the Raw Chocolate Company

We've already told you about how much we love chocolate, and obviously that's a large part of why we've set up the raw Chocolate Company, but there are a few other things that are very important to us too.

The planet - without the planet, nothing that any of us do would be possible. Absolutely nothing. It's obvious really, but the well-being of the planet means everything. All ingredients we use are certified organic. The ones that aren’t organic, aren’t available organic.

Raw, or cold-processed ingredients (never heated above 42°c) generally means less energy is used during their preparation, and that traditional methods are used, for example sun-drying. Our cacao powder, butter and nibs are non-chemically treated.

Quality of our ingredients is very important to us. For example, we spend five years searching for organic goji berries that were just right – flavoursome, juicy and plump. 

All our printed material, including our packaging, is printed with vegetable based inks using an eco-friendly print-process which reduces the amount of harmful chemicals released into our water supply. The paper we use is either 100% recycled or a mix of recycled fibres and pulp from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) managed forests.

Ecotricity provide our factory with 100% green electricity - they are a company committed to clean, renewable energy. This means that production of our chocolate has resulted in zero carbon dioxide emissions, relieving pressure on the environment. In the long term we are pursuing zero emission transport of our ingredients and end products. We rarely travel to meetings and encourage home working and internet based meetings wherever possible.

We are trying to ensure that what we do has a positive impact on the planet, on the people and things that live on it. We also believe that by doing everything through a fundamental belief in the goodness of life, being consciously aware, we are adding to love and life. In our own little way we're encouraging everyone we can to do the same.

We take as much care as possible to bring you the very best chocolate experience. By being the very best we can, we hope you can be the very best you can too. Enjoy!