So we went to the Dragons Den and met some dragons. We tamed them all with our luxuriant, healthy chocolate. It was quite a blast, nerve wracking and fun! So far in stats: 5 Dragons 1.4 million hits on our website 1 months worth of orders in 2 hours (thanks!) 2 direct to funeral parlours 2 direct to very famous persons 5 reels of parcel tape used 2 reams of paper used (recycled) 1 full post van 2500 new followers on social media.

No sleep (yet) A word from Linus Gorpe (Choco Wizard,...

Related to almonds, our Sweet Apricot Kernels come from Turkey. They have a more diverse flavour than almonds, with blossomy overtones and an undeniable sweetness. We like coating them in chocolate (of course) or making nut butter with them, here's a bit more info about them.
Apricot kernels are just that – the soft seeds from the apricot fruit. They come in two types: sweet and bitter. Ours are the sweet type – much more pleasant to eat! Apricots grown in Central Asia and the...

Recipe: Chia Fresca

Centuries old, Chia Fresca is an hyper refreshing drink, used now by ultra marathon runners, cyclists and people with hectic lives in the city. It hydrates you slowly, releasing water into the gut gently, rather than flushing you. Over the years, I've come to prefer it with no sweetener at all, but this is up to you. Enjoy!

2 tablespoons Chia Seeds
1 large glass of water
Juice of half a lemon or lime
Sweeten to taste with...