Vegan | Can be Gluten Free

This Granola is the perfect way to start your day. Packed with good fats and protein, it's your one-stop-shop kind of breakfast!

For those of you feeling experimental, try adding raspberries, banana or vanilla to your mix for a bit of extra flavour.

This recipe is fab because it's completely vegan too! 

The mixture will keep for about a week in an air tight container.

400g oats
200g coconut oil
4 tbsp...

Great Taste Award for Raw Chocolate Ginger

In this year's Great Taste Awards we picked up two Gold Stars. One for Raw Chocolate Mulberries and one for our Raw Chocolate Ginger. That takes our total to EIGHT gold stars from the expert panel of judges!

Here's what the judges said about the ginger:

"It would definitely be a talking point when brought to the table!  Very...

Wahoo, we got a Great Taste Award Gold Star for our Raw Chocolate Mulberries :)

Since we won it, they've been flying out so we're furiously making loads more for you! 

What the judges said:

"The chocolate is good and the fruit has a good chewiness adding an interesting texture. An innovative product idea, the taste is well balanced and more-ish."

"Quite a pleasant aroma, with some good...

Vegan | Can be Gluten Free

We’ve probably spent longer than is healthy perfecting this recipe. We reckon these vegan brownies are close to their egg and dairy-full cousins. The trick as always is to take them out of the oven before they are fully baked to get that squidginess inside. They are super gooey and super chocolaty. If you prefer them not so intense, reduce the cacao powder by 25%.




  • 2 cups Flour of...

These are a great summer treat because they're just like eating a healthy ice lolly!
You can play around with the toppings or decorations you use on these as well as the chocolate you dip them in.
I have found that using a chocolate with a further flavour, like orange or coffee, is a nice touch and adds a little something special to your banana stick! 

4 bananas, halved
2 x 44g Goji...

Vegan | Can be Gluten Free

A great moist fruity chocolaty loaf for getting over that little hump in the afternoon. Or morning. Or for breakfast. You decide :)

You will need:
200g flour of choice 
100g oat flour 
30g coconut sugar
1tsp baking powder
1tbsp cinnamon

260g mango flesh (2 medium)
100g orange juice
125g soya milk
1tsp vanilla extract...

Vegan | Gluten-free

Our good friend Niki offered to make some chocolates for us and came up with this amazing recipe. Raw chocolates with a sublime, salty peanut butter Vanoffee filling. They're just awesome :)

You'll need:

For the raw chocolate moulds:
100g cacao butter 
5tbsp cacao powder 

Vegan | Gluten Free

This cake is so decadent and moist you won't want to stop eating once you start!
It's simple to make and can be eaten with fresh pineapple for a special twist.
It will keep for up to a week in an airtight container un-iced. Only ice when you're ready to use.

150g coconut oil
130g coconut sugar
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
100g buckwheat flour

Vegan | Gluten-free

This cake looks like a work of art! If you make this for afternoon tea or even for a dinner party your friends and guests will be impressed!
The light and delicate flavours are perfect for summer!
Try adding lime for an extra kick of flavour. Can be made as a loaf or buns.

115g coconut oil 
225g coconut sugar 
225g buckwheat flour

2tsp baking...

These are a super simple breakfast to make and healthy to boot. In the morning you don't always have time to make a big or complicated breakfast and these are the perfect answer.

You can whip up the mixture the night before you need it and cook the pancakes in the morning. They're a great little brunch if you're looking to impress!