Newsflash: PRICE DROP across the range!

In these increasingly uncertain times we are living in,  we're super happy to be able to bring some good news to all the lovers of good chocolate in the world!

In a nutshell, we've just DROPPED ALL OUR PRICES across the range of raw chocolate bars and snacks!

Bars now £1.99 (was £2.79)
Snack Pouches now £4.99 (was £5.99)
Snacks Packs now £1.49 (was £1.79).

We are still using the exact same premium quality organic ingredients in all our unique recipes, so you'd be forgiven for wondering HOW we have managed to drop all our prices.

The boring story (with a very exciting result!) goes like this:

A year ago we let some nerds into the factory.

They analysed our orders, and how we produce our chocolate.

After digesting all the data (and not a small amount of chocolate), we realised that we could change how we organise our production based on predicting orders and spend less time changing over production lines.

So now for example, instead of making four different bars in one day, we just spend the whole day making one.

Seems obvious now right?

Not having to change the production line over makes big savings, and we've been able to pass this on to our lovely customers.

So here is the exciting news (in case you missed it the first time) and the savings we have been able to pass on to you:

Bars now £1.99 (were £2.79)
Snack Pouches now £4.99 (were £5.99)
Snacks Packs now £1.49 (were £1.79).