The Best Vegan Snacks!

At The Raw Chocolate Company we know a thing or two about snacking. We love it! Whether on a walk with friends, watching the latest Netflix recommendation, or snuggled in a blanket on the beach with a good book, snacking is a massive part of life!

That’s why we’re bringing you the ultimate guide to the best vegan snacks while telling you a bit more about our buttons and nibbles so you can make up your own mind!

Without further ado, let’s go! 

For the Vegan Milk Chocolate Fan!

Salted Vanoffee Cashews

An original snack exclusive to The Raw Chocolate Company, you won’t find these anywhere else as Vanoffee is a Raw Chocolate Company creation. Notes of vanilla and toffee combine with a touch of sea salt and the nutty cashews to give vegans a creamy hit that’s free from dairy.

For Those Who Loved Caramac Back in the Day

Vanoffee Buttons

Vanoffee is also available in buttons, and these are the perfect size to let them melt on your tongue as you gasp in awe at the wonder that is the Vanoffee goodness! 


For the Deeply Dark Bunch

Chocolate Stem Ginger

Recently commended by Andrew Baker, the food editor of the Telegraph, the chocolate stem ginger is deeply delicious, mouth-watering peppy and incredibly refreshing. Ok, we’ll stop as we want some now!

 chocolate coated stem ginger vegan raw snack

For the Spicy Set

Spiced Chocolate Almonds

The Spiced Chocolate Almonds are a great vegan snack all year round as they add the touch of spiciness combined with the chocolatey cacao and creaminess of the almonds. They’re ideal for sharing or for sustaining energy levels throughout the day. They’re pretty good as a present too as they have a reusable fancy tin! Psst… they’re also half price right now!


For the Fruity Ones!

Chocolate Raisins

You can’t beat a chocolate raisin! Well, you could, but it’d be a bit daft and pointless! What did the raisin ever do to you? Anyhow, these raisins are a bit better than others as they’re coated in our super cacao powder that’s grown in Peru and brought straight to you!

 chocolate coated raisins vegan raw food snakcs

For the Nut Lovers

Salted Chocolate Hazelnuts

These started out as a limited edition but you loved them so much it looks like they’re here to stay! You really are salty nut lovers! It’s all that sea and fresh air! They’re great for sharing, but you won’t want to!


Capture the wonder of raw and join us on an adventure with delicious, wholesome, organic, vegan snacks.

Raw Exploration Awaits