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  • Cacao Butter from The Raw Chocolate Company Linus Gorpe Vegan Chocolate
  • Cacao Butter from The Raw Chocolate Company Linus Gorpe Vegan Chocolate
  • Cacao Butter from The Raw Chocolate Company Linus Gorpe Vegan Chocolate

Cacao Butter

Peruvian, Criollo Cacao, 240g

Organic | Vegan | Fairtrade | Kosher

Cacao Butter is the edible fat extracted from the raw cacao bean. It is a delicious ingredient in raw chocolate & dessert making, as well as great on porridge. 

240g tub
6 x 240g tubs
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  • Fairtrade
  • Kosher
  • Raw Food
  • Soil Association
  • Vegan

 Linus Gorpe Vegan Chocolate

Our Virgin Organic Cacao Butter is the pure oil extracted from the whole raw cacao bean. The oil is made using a cold pressing technique where the temperature never exceeds 60°C, ensuring the high quality and nutritional integrity of this product.

Our Cacao Butter has a lovely ‘chocolatey’ aroma, and is a delicious ingredient in raw chocolate, cake and dessert making. Try a teaspoon of it on top of your porridge in the morning to raise your meal up to a sumptuous, silky treat.

Simple Raw Chocolate Recipe:
90g Organic Virgin Cacao Butter
60g Raw Organic Cacao Powder
60g Organic Coconut Palm Sugar
Place the Cacao Butter in a bowl over a pan of hot water on a low heat and melt gently. Leaving the bowl over the pan, add the coconut palm sugar to the melted oil and stir. Then stir in the cacao powder and mix well using a balloon whisk or hand blender. Spoon or pour into ice cube trays, silicon moulds or even a plastic tub to make one big chocolate bar! Place in the fridge and leave to set. For a flavoured Raw Chocolate, try adding any of the following: a pinch of cayenne or chilli powder, a drop or two of (food grade) peppermint or orange oil, orange zest, Vanilla powder, sea salt, Maca powder, dried fruit, nuts, spices…

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May also contain nuts


    Serving per 100g
Energy kcal 894
       kJ 3677
Total fat g 99.1
        of which saturates g 63.7
Total carbohydrate g 0.3
        of which sugars g 0.3
Protein g 0.3
Salt g 0.02
Organic cacao butter by the Raw Chocolate Company Linus Gorpe Vegan Chocolate

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