Make a difference with your energy bills!

We’ve switched our personal and business electricity to Ecotricity and bring you this great offer: get a free hamper from us when you switch your electric and/or gas to Ecotricity*

Call Ecotricity on 08000 302 302 or visit and quote code TRCC1

The hamper includes 6 x 38g bars, 3 x 28g snacks and 3 x 125g snacks worth over £40! It will be sent out to you once your switching process is complete.

Making a difference together
Ecotricity are an energy company unlike any other – they take the money their customers spend on electricity and gas bills and use it to build new sources of renewable energy, such as windmills and solar panels. People:Power is at the heart of what they do – the more people who join them, the more green energy they can build.

Three BIG reasons to join Ecotricity...

1. The greenest energy The energy Ecotricity supply is the greenest in the industry. Simple too – with just one 100% Green Electricity tariff and one Green Gas tariff. 

2. The best customer service No automated call waiting, just friendly people who pick up the phone and treat you like a real person – that’s why Ecotricity have the lowest number of complaints in the industry and top the latest Which? energy company customer satisfaction survey.

3. Ethical pricing All Ecotricity customers are always on the latest best price, no matter when they joined and regardless of how they pay. And there are no exit fees or penalties either. One for all and all for one.

Join Ecotricity - it couldn’t be easier and  takes less than five minutes. Call Ecotricity on 08000 302 302 or visit When you sign up please quote: TRCC1

*For full terms and conditions, please go to