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Make Your Own Chocolate

All the ingredients you need!

Organic | Vegan | Gluten Free 

Make your own chocolate with the contents of our chocolate box. For a very special price you get 2 bags of Cacao Powder, 2 bags of Coconut Palm Sugar and 2 pots of Virgin Cold Pressed Cacao Butter. 

Make Your Own
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Here's the recipe, or experiment and make up your own! 


Simple Raw Chocolate Recipe

90g Cacao Butter, 60g Cacao Powder, 60g Coconut Palm Sugar

Gently melt all the ingredients over a steaming bowl of water, mixing all the time. Pour into moulds and pop in the freezer to set. Experiment with the addition of flavours such as Mint, Chilli, Lucuma, Ginger, Açaí, Hemp…If you would like a smoother chocolate, pre-grind the sugar in a high speed blender to a fine powder.


Box contents: 

2 x Cacao Powder 180g

2 x Coconut Palm Sugar 230g

2 x Virgin Cold Pressed Cacao Butter 240g


Hannah's picture
Hello I just wanted to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to Linus and everyone at your company for creating and making available this amazing chocolate. It has become a genuinely important and loved part of my life, I eat some every day, whether the raw cocoa (in everything), the bars, the berries, and the cocoa butter which I have learnt to make into my own chocolate with when I'm feeling creative :) I had real problems with energy in the last few years and knowing this chocolate would still be available to me on the raw vegan diet I wanted to try to help myself has enabled me to start and maintain this, which has been both massively difficult and beneficial! The diet and the rather vigorous intake of your products is making a huge difference to my health and energy and so my overall quality of life. Of course there are other raw chocolate suppliers, and I have tried all I have come across, but your range is by far the best combination of flavour, texture, affordability and effect on my body. I feel like the ethos behind the Raw Chocolate Company makes so much sense, and absolutely comes through loud and clear to me as a customer. So, thank you, and keep up the brilliant work :)
Erica's picture
My parcel arrived promptly this morning with the ingredients for me to make my own raw chocolates. The first batch is already made and I am a very happy customer. Two weeks ago I was told that I am lactose intolerant and after my initial shock, I was absolutely delighted to find this fantastic company and its amazing products. I cannot tell you how delicious these ingredients are - I honestly think that this is the best chocolate I have ever had. As a company, The Raw Chocolate Company has been a delight to deal with and I look forward to placing a regular order in the future :) Good luck with the business and I look forward to following your progress in the coming months.
Sue Weymouth's picture
Thank you to everyone at the Raw Chocolate Co for their continuing dedication to making the most amazing raw chocolate products. It seems there is always something new to try or on the horizon. I love the new edition of the Cashew Smoochies, the layers of caramelly chocolatey sweetness offset with the slight saltiness and the creaminess of the cashew is incredibly moreish. Also, the Chummy Cherries are superb, slightly sour but with an almost almondy background flavour, together with a covering of chocolate make for a flavour explosion on the taste buds, I love these little gems. And finally, the most unlikely marriage of fava beans and chocolate! who would've guessed this would work...well Linus did for one. I just couldn't believe what I was tasting when I popped the first few into my mouth. The crumbly crunch of the beans together with the smooth chocolate, I swear tasted like a chocolate biscuit, you know, those things we used to eat before deciding to eat healthier! Well, now you really can 'take the biscuit' These choccy fava beans need to be portioned controlled once the pack is opened, you will find it terribly difficult not to eat the whole packet! I could go on and on talking about the original products that have been available for some time, all of which are addictive and delicious. Many deserved awards have been won By Linus and co and I feel many more are too come. Please keep inventing more new and delicious products. xoxox

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