Vegan | Gluten Free | Refined Sugar Free

These delectable little treats are firm proof that you really don't need health-depleting sugar or dairy ingredients in order to make delicious sweet treats!  Based on Toffifee, a commercially produced sweet treat described as 'a hazelnut in caramel with creamy nougat and chocolate', we present you with Vanoffifee!....Our Vanoffee chocolate lends itself well to any recipe based on toffee or caramel-like flavours.  Here we have a hazelnut in vegan Vanoffee caramel with raw chocolate on top! 

Recipe contributed by the very talented Caroline Bryant. 

Click for her BLOG : INSTAGRAM for more delicious vegan recipe inspiration.

Makes 15

105g maple syrup
35g coconut oil
70g cashew butter
24g Vanoffee chocolate    
18g Pitch Dark chocolate    
15 hazelnuts

Cake pop or toffifee mould


Combine maple syrup, coconut oil and cashew butter in a saucepan.
Cook over medium heat until the mixture is bubbling.
Stir frequently.
Meanwhile melt vanoffee chocolate and add to the saucepan with the “toffee” sauce.
Stir to combine.
Add “toffee” sauce to the mould.
Now place a hazelnut in each toffee filled mould.
Freeze for 1 hour.
Melt pitch dark chocolate and make a chocolate circle on each toffee.
Place in the freezer for another hour.
Pop toffees out of the mould and enjoy.
Store in the freezer in a freezer friendly container.

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