B Corp

Our aim is to create a responsible business, ensuring that the planet and sustainability are an integral part of every decision we make.
We’ve already ticked a lot of boxes, with plastic-free packaging, sustainably sourced ingredients and a vegan, organic chocolate line up. But there is always more we can do. That is why we aim to become B Corp Certified, meaning we are officially putting the people and planet ahead of profit.
The Raw Chocolate Company is your chocolate loving companion, helping to make the planet a better place and we really appreciate your support in choosing our tasty chocolate bars, snacks and gifts.


This is the closest we will get to an ethical badge and covers the entire business, from staff and ingredients, to every process and decision we make. We are B Corp pending and as a result have put a team in place to ensure continual improvement of our ethical and sustainable processes every month. Read more about B Corp here


Our ingredients are fully vegan, meaning our chocolate creations can be enjoyed by more people and are better for the planet and the animals that live in it. 


This organisation focuses on our ingredients. All of our chocolate is organic which brings with it a wealth of ethical based practices. Read more about the Soil Association here.


This organisation looks at where ingredients come from at its source including the staff that work at the farms. They work with the Rainforest Alliance who prioritise the environment, sustainability and workers welfare. Read more about Sierra Organics here.


All of our packaging is plastic-free! We eliminated all plastic used in our packaging, including our shipping containers. And yes, this does include the plastic-like wrap on our chocolate bars, we know it looks like plastic, but it’s really made from plants. The same goes for all inks used – it’s all made from plants! (Please don’t eat the packaging, although it can be composted.)

B Corp is a pledge to do more

B Corp is a global initiative that assesses businesses based on their environmental and social performance. To become B Corp we had to meet high standards of performance, accountability and transparency in supply chain and responsible materials, employee benefits and charitable giving. This includes giving hard facts and figures about every aspect of the business, making us accountable in not only what we say we do but also drilling into the details and number to prove that we do it to.
We are a part of the community building an inclusive and sustainable economy that works for everyone. B Corp is more than just a message that we are sustainable, but it’s also a pledge to be as sustainable as we can be. That’s why we have created a team made up from volunteers from each area of the business, from packing to kitchen, to look at areas where we can improve further. These changes range from simple swaps to business wide shifts in processes.
You can learn more about our B Corp and sustainability practices through our newsletters.

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