Gluten-Free Organic Oat Flakes

Gluten-Free Organic Oat Flakes

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Gluten Free | Organic | Vegan | Palm-oil Free | UK Grown

Whoopsies! We've ordered too many oats! But it's your turn to gain as these premium gluten-free oats are organic and UK grown. We've bagged up our oats in 5kg and 10kg bags and are offering them to you at trade price.

Why not 'porridge' oats?

Oat flakes are not steamed, maintaining their goodness. These oat flakes used for oat milk, porridge, bread, flapjack, muesli and more!

Did you know? Many oats out there are usually naturally gluten free, but they are cross contaminated when the same machinery used to farm the oats are also used for other gluten containing grains. Our oats are 100% gluten free with dedicated machinery.

Best before July 2023.


Ingredients: 100% gluten free oat flakes

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