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Coconut Sugar from The Raw Chocolate Company Linus Gorpe Vegan Chocolate
  • 230g pouch
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  • 6 x 230g pouches
    £26.34 £19.75

Indonesian, Granulated, 230g

Organic | Vegan | Kosher | Raw

Coconut Palm Sugar is made from the nectar of the coconut flower. Sort of like honey, but without using bees! It has a low glycemic index and resembles brown sugar. It has a delicious rich, rounded, caramel-like sweetness. 

  • 100g Pouch (BOGOF)
  • 6 x 100g Pouches
    £29.94 £27.49

Raw Chocolate coated Sour Cherries 100g

Buy One, Get One Free in June! (offer valid on single units)

Vegan Chocky Cherries

We've had so many requests for these, we couldn't resist! We've taken sour Moldovan sundried cherries and coated them in our award winning raw chocolate. Are you up for a taste bud rollercoaster? 

Vanoffee Maca 44g
  • Vanoffee Maca 44g
    £2.49 £1.49
  • Case of 12 x 44g bars
    £17.88 £16.99

Dairy-free alternative to white chocolate with added Maca

Vegan | Fairtrade | Gluten Free | Kosher

We are on a journey exploring the flavours, textures and emotions that we love.  We'd love you to join us!

Here we have taken our bestselling ‘white chocolate’ – a vanilla and toffee-like tasting treat, and added a generous serving of Maca in each bar, giving you added nutritive and adaptogenic (balancing) benefits!

Vanoffee Maca Mulberries
  • Vanoffee Maca Mulberries 450g
    £19.99 £14.99

Vegan | Gluten Free

We've supercharged our creamy, silky, dairy free Vanoffee with Maca, then draped it over organic Turkish white mulberries.  So delicious, so more-ish, and with the added benefit of a Maca boost.... what's not to love?

Vanoffee Maca Mulberry Chips
  • Vanoffee Maca Mulberry Chips 900g (SOLD OUT)
    £12.99 £9.99

Vanoffee Maca Coated Mulberry Chips

Fairtrade | Vegan | Gluten-free

A perfect replacement for chocolate chips in your cereal, porridge, baking and more, these Vanoffee Maca mulberry chips are a great way to get an added superboost of Maca whilst enjoying the delicious creamy sweetness of Vanoffee paired with chewy mulberry bits.  Yum.  Sprinkle it everywhere! :)

Ingredients: mulberries 44%, coconut blossom sugar, cacaoa butter, maca powder, lucuma, vanilla, salt, cacao powder. 

May also contain nuts

Raw Chocolate Mulberry Chips from the Raw Chocolate Company
  • 1.4kg bag 23% OFF
    £12.99 £9.99

Raw Chocolate coated Mulberry pieces

Fairtrade | Vegan | Gluten Free

Magnificent pieces of Turkish white mulberries dipped in deliciously dark raw chocolate, finished with a generous dusting of cocoa powder.