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Vanoffee Mulberries

Vanoffee coated Mulberries 125g & 450g

Organic | Vegan | Gluten Free

Our creamy, silky dairy free Vanoffee draped over organic Turkish white mulberries making a dreamy, delicious, decadent delight.

125g Pouch
450g Buk Bag in Compostable Packaging
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  • Gluten Free
  • Raw Food
  • Soil Association
  • Vegan


Chewy, caramelly Turkish white mulberries delicately draped in our fabulous Vanoffee. Warning: highly moreish

Our organic white mulberries come from Turkey where they have been considered a luxurious treat for centuries. They have a delightful chewy, toffee caramel flavour that marries perfectly with our Vanoffee bar. We spent years testing our recipe and enlisted the help of 500 of our fans to perfect them. Thank you!

Ingredients: mulberries 40%, cacao butter, lucuma, coconut blossom sugar, cacao powder, vanilla.

May also contain nuts. May cause outbreaks of sharing.

This is a natural product. The berries are carefully screened, sieved and checked, however the occasional small stone may remain. Store in a cool, dark place, 16-18°C away from the weak willed.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g
Energy 2007 kJ
       480 kcal
Fat 25.0 g
of which: saturates 15.6 g
Carbohydrate 60.1 g
of which: sugars 29.2 g
Protein 3.5 g
Salt 0.20 g
Vanoffee Mulberries from the Raw Chocolate Company


Celine's picture
these are to die for, they're like vegan maltesers!
Andy G's picture
Probably the greatest chocolate snack known to human kind - simply fantastic!

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