The Raw Chocolate Company hand-crafts chocolate to put a smile on your face. Our award-winning chocolate is made with organic, minimally processed cacao. We source our ingredients ethically and prioritise making a positive impact on the world. The result? Pure, delicious, raw chocolate.

Why Raw?

Raw foods are not heated above 42 degrees, which helps retain goodness. The ultimate way to eat natural, and clean.

Our B Corp certification aligns with our core values, our environmental awards show our commitment to protecting the planet, while our Great Taste awards show how we do not compromise on flavour.

What Is Chocolate With Soul?

Strong Ethics
We make sustainable clean and nutrition simple and transparent. Great taste, pure ingredients, sourced in an environmentally friendly way.

Green Production
Created in eco-powered, zero waste kitchens, in recyclable packaging. Our goodies leave behind great memories, not carbon footprints.

Conscious Ingredients
Our ingredients are sourced through trusted partnerships from growers that are committed to providing the best ingredients in the most environmental and sustainable way.