Cacao vs. Cocoa : Is there a difference?


Is there a difference between Cacao and Cocoa?

Well yes and no…it all started a long time ago when cacao was first imported into the UK. Someone swapped the a and the o around and suddenly cacao was cocoa! This didn’t happen elsewhere, and most other countries still refer to cocoa as cacao.

Cacao pod on tree

However, in recent times, the term cacao has become synonymous with low processed cacao products – raw and un heat treated. Cocao is used for roasted and chemically extracted derivatives such as cocoa powder and cocoa butter.

Fresh Cacao Fruit

We only use cacao – raw, un-roasted and undutched.
And yes, ALL Chocolate has the same origin: the seeds (or beans) of a Cacao (Theobroma Cacao) tree.
They grow in a variety of beautiful colours, from deep reds & yellows to shades of blue and green.


Cacao pod, nibs and beans




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