Coconut Sugar is Blooming Brilliant!

We knew, when creating our raw chocolate bars and snacks, that refined sugar would not do! Refined sugar is nasty stuff that’s associated with a plethora of unwanted diseases including heart disease, diabetes and high blood sugar. This did not fit with our ethos at all!

We had to find an alternative, a sugar that fit with our values. A sweetener that’s pure, unrefined, raw, natural and sustainable. Most of all it needed to pair perfectly with our Peruvian cacao to deliver the supreme chocolate hit you’ve come to know and love.

After many trials and tribulations, we discovered coconut blossom sugar and bingo!  A match made in heaven began. This crystalised golden nectar added depth and nuances we’d searched for while organically enhancing the taste of cacao.

It’s blooming brilliant!

The sugar comes from the creamy plump blossom of the coconut palm tree and the process in which it’s gathered is jaw droppingly awesome.

coconut blossom flower

How Coconut Blossom Sugar is Made

It’s a delicate operation but one that produces such sweet natural nectar, like little gold crystals, this sugar is obviously superior. 

  • A small cut is made on the tiny flower of the coconut blossom which releases the sap.
  • The liquid sap is then collected in jars or containers, looking very much like honey.
  • This golden liquid is then gently warmed, over time, until the water evaporates.

The resulted is a brown granulated appearance with a much finer consistency than raw sugar.

Kabam! We have our coconut blossom sugar!


What’s So Great About Coconut Blossom Sugar?

As you already know, due to being the intelligent person you are, refined sugar has absolutely no nutritional value. Zero. Zilch. There’s no benefit to it at all yet it is highly addictive. 

Coconut Blossom Sugar is packed full of minerals and vitamins that you’d find in the coconut itself and has a lower glycaemic index which can be explained with the fibre contained called inulin. It could actually reduce high blood pressure too!

Coconut Sugar

Of course, it’s all well and good having all these natural benefits, but how does it taste?

Tripe may be full of nutrients, but no one wants to snack on that when settling down to a Netflix original.

The great news is that is tastes fantastic. Sweet but not too sweet, sugary but not gritty, earthy, fragrant, honeyed, like a natural golden syrup.

Try it for yourself, sprinkle over pancakes, stir it in your coffee, make a caramel sauce, sprinkle it on your pancakes, bake it in a cake and let it dissolve into puddles of gold on your porridge. You won’t regret it.

mini vegan sugar and lemon pancakes

vegan coconut caramel sauce



£3.63 - 230g

coconut blossom sugar