The Award Winning Raw Chocolate Company

We often shout about being an award-winning company, doesn’t everyone? However, what does it actually mean? What awards have we won and what have we won the awards for?

Without this knowledge, you could be forgiven for assuming that we’ve won the award for best ping pong ball players in a chocolate factory, or maybe for being the first to cover ourselves in raw chocolate while running cacao covered down Oxford Street.

Alas, our awards are a little more aligned with our ethics, our commitment to producing the best raw chocolate snacks and our desire to save the world!

Here’s what we’ve won and why!

Nourish Awards 

The Nourish Awards celebrate delicious food in all its glory. The finest ingredients are preferred, alongside organic produce and simplicity.

We’re proud to have won a Nourish Award for our Raw Chocolate Almonds, the judges adored them.

nourish award winning almonds

In fact they gave them COMMENDED in the sweet snacks category and then went on to deliver a SPECIAL AWARD for Best Ethical Company. You can read more about our ethics here.

Our Raw Chocolate Almonds really are something, the creamy nuts, drenched in raw cacao that’s sprinkled with a secret blend of spices, they’re great at Christmas time, but also a nutritious snack throughout the year – although we would say that, wouldn’t we? but now we have a panel of judges backing us up!

Great Taste Awards 

You’ll no doubt be familiar with the Great Taste Awards. That little black sticker that adorns posh looking food, with the gold ring inside? We won one of those!

This was for the Koffee Kapow bar which is no surprise, as the ratio of quality Peruvian coffee to raw organic cacao is simply sublime! (See we can be posh too!)

If you’ve not tried it yet, now’s your chance!

Sussex Food and Drink Awards

Last but not least we became a grand finalist for the Sussex Food and Drink Awards as the Best Food Producer. The award takes into account ethics, sustainability and impact on the environment alongside other factors. We’re very proud to be recognised for what we strive to achieve every day. Pure unadulterated ingredients, enhanced with raw Peruvian cacao created in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way!

This isn’t it though, just because we can shout about being an award-winning company doesn’t mean we’re ready to stop reaching for the stars. We will still aim to be the very best we can and endeavour to win award to showcase that.

In the meantime, do check out our wonderful array of exquisite cacao delights (ok, we really will stop being posh now, these awards have gone to our head!) on our website.

Laters, alligators!

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