Where Does Our Cacao Come From?

Cacao is a big deal for us, as of course it’s our main ingredient in our delicious raw chocolate. Sometimes it’s the ONLY ingredient, which is why we care about it – A LOT!

We also suspect that you care about the cacao you buy and devour, so we thought we’d bring you up to speed as to where our cacao comes from.Cacao Pods

Not only that, but how it grows, what it is grown in, who grows it and why is it so scrumptious, delicious and good for the environment? Buckle up, as we have a story for you, and the best thing is, it’s all true!

Let’s Take a Trip to Peru

Cocoa Farm

Deep in the heart of Peru, our cacao trees grow with pods all colours of the rainbow. If you’d like to specific, or you’d like to zoom in on Google Maps, our particular cacao comes from sustainable organic farms in a biosphere in Junín and San Martin.

These Amazon rainforest biospheres provide such natural optimum conditions for the growing of cacao that the cacao can often be found growing wild!

We’re not Fairtrade as we source direct, making us direct trade instead, which means we pay more per kilo direct to the farmers than fair trade recommends.

Now for the interesting bit!

Organic, How Organic?

Our cacao is grown organically, you already knew that, but did you know it’s sourced from Agro-forested farms only? Why? Well, even when passing the organic tests, a mono-cropping farm can be found to be using a high amount of pesticides, so we like to make sure our beans are REALLY organic.Cocoa Bean Fruit

Slave Free

All of the cacao we source is 100% slave free. In a cacao bean shell, if we have any suspicion it isn't, we don't work with the supplier again. It's that simple!


Cocoa Beans

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