Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

The sweet and sour chocolate cherries blend beautifully to create a smoothie fit for champions! That's why we've dedicated the Chocolate Cherry Smoothie to the Wimbledon teams, and will be making this for our friends and family ready for the opening game.

If you're looking for an artistic flair in your presentation, we've included some display ideas below.

Chocolate Cherry Smoothie

This recipe will make two smoothies and can be adjusted to fit your taste. For example, for a more sour and chocolatey smoothie, add more Chocolate Cherries. 



Blend all the ingredients thoroughly and enjoy your smoothie. 

For added flair and to really 'ace' the presentation, add some smoothie to a spoon and decorate. Here are some topping ideas: 

Serve with fresh cherries for a real Wimbledon watch treat!

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