Easy Homemade Vegan Raw Chocolate Recipe

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Easy Homemade Vegan  Raw Chocolate
There’s nothing more satisfying than making your own pure, delicious raw chocolate. The textures, the smells, the mellifluence. It can be as easy or as difficult as you like, but it is best to start off with the basics. No special equipment like sugar thermometers or high speed grinders is needed at this stage, just good quality ingredients and some hot water.
Ready to take your first steps in to a wonderful world of chocolate? Here are two great starting points for you...
homemade raw vegan chocolate
1. Traditional (with a snap)
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2. Soft (melt in your mouth)
80g Coconut Oil
Equipment you'll need:
Glass bowl to sit on top of pan
Moulds – silicone are best and widely available, or use ice-cube trays. If none of these are available make chocolate bark – simply spread the chocolate on a lined baking sheet
Fridge/ Freezer
melted raw chocolate
The method is the same for both types of chocolate. The traditional method will make a harder chocolate with a snap; the second one with coconut will be softer and will melt easier in the hand and mouth
1. Grate/ chop or finely ‘shave’ the solid cocoa butter with a sharp knife or grater. The finer you can get it, the easier it will be to melt.
2. Grind the coconut sugar as fine as you like, (in a coffee grinder, nutribullet, food processor or hi-speed blender) the more you grind it the smoother your chocolate will be.

3. Then, gently melt the cacao butter/ coconut oil in a bowl over a steaming pan of water.  Cacao butter melts at 34˚C, you will want to use the cacao butter when it has JUST melted. If it is too hot, the coconut sugar will sink to the bottom of your chocolate.   Stir frequently to assist the melting process, & don’t keep it on the heat any longer than it takes to melt it

4.  Add the powdered coconut sugar to the melted cacao butter/ coconut oil, stirring well.

5. Mix in the cacao powder and any other remaining ingredients of your choosing!  ( eg. Chopped nuts, dried fruit, vanilla powder, spices, drop of food grade essential oil)

6. When fully mixed – and do not over mix – spoon mixture into your moulds.

5. Then pop straight into the freezer for 20 mins or in the fridge for 45 mins. 
7. Turn out and store in an air tight container. Traditional ones can be stored in a cupboard; the softer ones with coconut oil will need to be stored in the fridge.
8. Your home made raw chocolate is now ready to enjoy!
homemade raw vegan chocolate
We made a video of Raw Chocolate making process!  See, it's not rocket science ;)
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