☀️ Embrace the Sweet Summer Sun ☀️

Ah summer, the time of year when we can all spend lots of time outdoors, soaking up the sun.

A time to go on picnics, spend the whole day at the beach, go on hikes through the woods, there is so much to do!

But what do we do when we want a sweet treat in the heat?

We all know that when the sun’s warmth meets a raw chocolate bar, a transformation begins.

You are left with melty heaven!


Don't fret, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this delicious treat!

Cut the corner of the packaging off and squeeze out the chocolate liquid.

Use this to drizzle over fresh strawberries, fill up a bowl and dip marshmallows or pretzels in it or simply eat it straight from the packet like a frube yogurt!

There are so many ways to enjoy silky melted chocolate.

Do you buy fruit, like strawberries, that come in plastic pallets to take on your summer picnics?

We have some great tips and trick on how to reuse them.

  • Grow new plants by turning it into a seedling starter tray.
  • Repurpose it as a paint palette, giving colours a vibrant canvas to come to life.
  • Use it as stationary storage for your desk or craft table.

Enjoy the beautiful summer weather and all the raw chocolate treats too!


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