Orange and Tangerine Lip Balm

As a part of our beauty week, we have teamed up with our friends over at Conscious Chocolate who have shared their top pamper inspirations, containing only natural ingredients and essential oils.

Here we have a lip smacking balm with sweet orange and tangerine essential oil. It's a citrus sensation! Have a go yourself here.

4 tbsp coconut butter
4 tbsp cocoa butter
10 drops sweet orange essential oil
10 drops tangerine essential oil

1. Gently melt the coconut butter and cocoa butter in a bain marie.
2. Allow to cool slightly before adding the essential oils, stirring well to combine the butters and oils fully.
3. Pour into a suitable container and allow to set overnight or, to hurry along the cooling process, put into the fridge for a couple of hours until set.

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