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Rainbow Smoothie Ice Lollies

Vegan | Refined Sugar Free | Dairy Free

Rainbow Smoothie Lollies

These creamy, fruity vegan ice lollies are super fun to make - choose different fruit to make all the colours of the rainbow, and pour in layers into the lolly moulds.  Dip or drizzle over melted chocolate to finish, if you like! :) 


Rainbow Smoothie Lollies



• 400ml coconut milk
• 2x frozen bananas

• Pink: 1 cup raspberries
• Yellow: 1 cup chopped mango
• Purple: 1 cup blueberries
• Red: 1 cup strawberries

Optional: Melted Chocolate for drizzling (Chocolate Buttons are great for melting)

To make:

1. Blend the coconut milk and frozen bananas together in a high speed blender.
2. To make the separate ‘colours’ simply add fruit to the base and blend again until smooth, cleaning the blender in between. Let each layer freeze
for at least 30 minutes before pouring the next.
3. Add wooden sticks with the last layer, then leave to freeze fully overnight.
4. Drizzle or dip in melted chocolate buttons!

Rainbow Smoothie Ice Lollies