Vegan Fruity Ice Lollies

Vegan | Refined Sugar Free

Mango, Coconut and Raspberry fruit ice lollies

We can't think of a better treat on a hot Summer's day!  Refreshing, fruity vegan ice lollies with or without the chocolate drizzle.....

Fruity Ice Lollies


• 1 frozen mango, chopped
• 200ml non-dairy milk - we used coconut
• 200g coconut yoghurt
• A handful of frozen raspberries or blackberries

Optional - drizzle with melted chocolate such as Silky Coconut or Pitch Dark


1. Blend the mango, non-dairy milk and coconut yoghurt together in a high speed blender. Pour into ice lolly moulds, only filling halfway, reserving
half of the liquid in the blender.
2. Add the frozen raspberries to the remaining mixture, blend again until smooth, and fill up the lolly moulds to the top.
3. Add wooden sticks after an hour of freezing, then leave to freeze fully overnight.
4. Drizzle or dip in melted Silky Coconut or Pitch Dark chocolate.

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