Shipping and Delivery

We accept payment via most credit or debit cards and also via PayPal.

There are two ways you can choose to pay through PayPal whether you have a PayPal account or not.

If you don’t have a PayPal account:
1: You can go straight to the option where you pay by card, you do not have to set up a PayPal account to pay via this method. You enter all the relevant details and payment instructions and then all you have to do is confirm the details and sit back and wait for your purchases to arrive.

2: You can set up a PayPal account. If you are worried about doing this don’t be, 96.2 million people around the world have PayPal accounts. The great thing is that once you have opened and account with PayPal you only ever need to login in to make a payment and it will remember all your details and not just for making payments to us but with loads of other online businesses as well. Setting up an account is quick and easy and will save you loads of time in the future. So once you have set up your account all you will have to do when making a payment is log into you account, confirm the details and your done.

If you already have a PayPal account:
1: You can pay through your PayPal account by logging in on the PayPal option screen. Then all you have to do is confirm the details etc as normal and that’s it.

2: Alternatively if you prefer you can opt to pay without logging into your account by selecting the other payment method. Here you have the option to pay using a different card or account to the one registered to your PayPal account. One thing you have to be aware of though is when paying this way you must not put in the email address registered to your PayPal account as it will stop you paying and try to get you to log in. The way to get around this is if in the PayPal screen you use an alternative email address and then it will allow you to pay without any problems. You must also use a different card to the one registered to your PayPal account or it will try to get you to log in again.

If you are in the UK, and if the total value of your order is under £50, a postage and packaging charge will apply. If your order is over £50 and you are a UK resident then the delivery will be free of charge. International orders are charged according to weight of the order.

A: We currently are unable to ship to India, Russia and the Philippines.

If you live outside the UK, you may be liable to pay customs and import charges. Customs charges vary from country and country and we find that some of our deliveries get to our customers without a customs charge being incurred and others don’t. Our advice is to check with your local customs office for more information. Please be aware that some customs offices may open and inspect your parcel.

If you are in the UK and delivery has not arrived within 10 working days of placing your order, please email quoting the order reference number contained in the confirmation email we sent you. We will then investigate and respond to you accordingly. International orders can take longer to arrive from the UK, so please give enough time. Please also check with your neighbours and local Royal Mail delivery office, 99% of the time this is where non-delivered parcels are.

We endeavour to make sure that all our lovely products are packaged suitably so that they reach you in perfect condition. Please contact us straight away via email and quote your order reference number that is on the top of the order invoice sheet. If the products are damaged please take a photo of it as we may need it for evidence when liaising with our courier company.

Please contact us straight away via email and quote your order reference number that is on the top of the order invoice sheet.

We are closed Christmas Day until the New Year. The website will still take orders but they will not be shipped out until we return. A detailed notice will be on the home page of the website.

We mail all UK orders our first class so please place your order the day before the last post and it should get to you in time for Christmas. International posting is different and you should check the Royal Mail website for international posting deadlines.

UK Delivery Costs

Please note that we add a small percentage of weight on top of the "chocolate weight" of your order. This is to cover the weight of packaging.

UK Condition Price
FREE STANDARD DELIVERY (3-4 Working Days) £50.00 and up FREE
Standard Shipping (3-4 Working Days) 0g–749g £3.99
Express Shipping (1-2 Working Days) 0g–749g £3.99
Standard Shipping (3-4 Working Days) 750g–1999g £4.99
Express Shipping (1-2 Working Days) 750g–1999g £5.99
UK Shipping Large Parcel (1-2 Working Days) 2000g and up £8.99